What I’m reading now: Stop Trying to Control People or Make Them Happy

No amount of structures, processes, and systems are ever enough to anticipate the kinds of problems employees face everyday on the front line of the business. So, instead, companies need to give their employees more autonomy and, at the same time, encourage them — impel them, even — to cooperate with each other. Only then, when they are liberated in this way, will employees be able to make critical judgments, balance complex trade-offs, and come up with creative solutions to new problems.


What I’m Reading Now: Leadership Generosity

Being generous can mean sharing your feedback, your knowledge, and your credit with people–but most importantly, it can mean the difference between a good leader and a great one.

  • Author: Erika Andersen
  • Title: Don’t Be a Power Hog: How Sharing Information, Time & Authority Makes You a Better Leader
  • Source: Fast Company