What I’m reading now: We is Bigger Than You

Have you ever noticed how sports fans talk about their favorite sports team? Right, everything they say is about we: ‘we won the game’, ‘we should not have used this tactic’, ‘luck was not on our side’. If your employees, customers and other stakeholders are talking about ‘we’, this is a sign that you are really reaping the benefits from ‘murmuration’, with everyone flying together in perfect harmony and positive spirit.


What I’m reading now: Leadership Excellence: Not for the Faint of Heart

Sadly, I think all of us have encountered people along the way whose fears and insecurities kept them from being the leaders they were capable of becoming—leaders who lack the courage to match their proverbial “talk” to the reality of their “walk.”

A thank you to Bruce Kneuer for sharing this post with me on Twitter!