What I’m reading now: How Great Leaders Communicate

Anyone can write a mission statement, full of lofty words that sound good. But you aren’t communicating that vision unless you repeatedly signal how those values translate into concrete actions. What people learn from your routine decision-making matters far more than what you pack into your speeches.


Friday Fast Tip: Email Chained

If you’re like most professionals, you get more emails in a day than you really know what to do with. It is easy to get lost or consumed by all these communications, so much so that other work won’t actually get done. Something I like to do is to have email-free time. Don’t look at it, don’t respond to it, just do what you need to get done.  Instead, set up a specified time to review and respond to emails, such as the last ten minutes of an hour. Set expectations as well, and tell your coworkers to call you when an immediate response is needed.

Can you avoid the email temptation? Let me know how it goes!

What I’m reading now: Employee Communications

More and more, employee communications and engagement is being recognized as a critical function. It is not only vital to any successful communications or marketing campaign; it is also fundamental to organizational performance.