What I’m reading now: How to lose great leaders?

High quit rates are just a symptom of the deeper problem that too many military members are mis-matched with their jobs.

  • Author: Tim Kane
  • Title: How to lose great leaders? Ask the Army
  • Source: Washington Post

“Micro” Management Stories

I have often been sorry that I didn’t speak up, I have never been sorry that I did, even when I was wrong. – Alice Rivlin, quoting Warren Buffet

If you have a few minutes between meetings, check out this great leadership video series by the Washington Post. I particularly enjoyed this video with Alice Rivlin on the importance of speaking up.

On Leadership: Alice Rivlin on speaking up

What I’m reading now: Q&A on Leadership

Leadership is a walk in the dark. Leaders are expected to chart a course into the future and get people there. History can provide partial lessons, but an indispensable quality is to be able to figure out what the right decision is for the time. You can plan, budget, and follow procedure and protocol, but where the leader earns his or her paycheck is in new territory. Ultimately, that takes imagination.