What I’m reading now: The Essential Element to Success

So there you have it. Our No. 1 ingredient for achieving success is quite simple. Why is it so important and what does it have to do with achieving lasting success? Everyone wants to work with people of good cheer. They have the gift of being able to rise above circumstances, no matter what. They are humble and they understand the true meaning of the word “humility,” which is the ability to learn from any experience. And their positive personalities are contagious.


What I’m reading now: Getting feedback from your employees

Taking feedback like a champ might be one of the hardest lessons you’ll learn as a manager. But recognizing the fact your employees actually have something to teach you is a good thing—because it will help you continue to grow in your role.

  • Author: Jennifer Winter
  • Title: When the Student Becomes the Master: Taking Feedback From Your Employees
  • Source: Forbes (Originally The Muse)