Join me for a tweetchat!

Image source: Hubspot blog

Whether you are a student, recent graduate or an experienced executive, please join me as I host a tweetchat on Career Advancement on Wednesday from 11 – 12PM EST. This tweetchat will connect people with questions about growing their careers with people who are at the top of theirs!

How to get started:

  • Login to Twitter (while you don’t need a Twitter account to read the conversation, you do need one to add to it)
  • Then go to #careerchat which provides an easy way to respond to and read the discussion. When you add to the discussion, the hashtag (#careerchat) is already included! If you tweet directly from Twitter or another source instead, add #careerchat to your tweets.

How to join in:

  • Ask a question
  • Share your experiences and tips
  • Share a related article
  • Debate best practices and new ideas



One thought on “Join me for a tweetchat!

  1. Luanne, Timing is everything. I am headed to Virginia Tech this Thursday to speak to a group of 50 College of Science Upper Class transfer students about resumes and networking for jobs and career. Perhaps we can compare notes on the topic. I am interest in the materials that you’ve sourced for your Chat.

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